Weird aromas from cold dry hopping?

I put two IPA’s in a couple kegs at serving temperature of 40 F. They smelled pretty good from the hydrometer samples beforehand, but now that their fully carbed, they have a weird rotten melon, raw dough smell that kind of ruins them for me.

One keg had two ounces of Centennial and two ounces of Citra. The other had two ounces of Apollo and two ounces of Centennial. I put them in a sanitized hop sock. Anyone have any experience dry hopping cold? Could this put off weird aromas?

My last few IPAs have been DH’d in the keg. I have not noticed any off aromas. How long have they been in the keg?

About 10 days now. I put them in while force carbing and first tested it at day 7. Still smells weird a few days later. I’m thinking of off gassing it and bringing it inside to warm up for a week or two and see what happens. Good idea?

I don’t think warming it up will have a positive effect unless you think it wasn’t done fermenting?

How does it taste? Rotten melon? Any vinegar odor?

I’ve never used Apollo but it doesn’t sound like a hop I’d DH with. Very high AA is something I’d use for bittering.