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Weihenstephaner Pils - what hops used?

I am planning to make a German Pils soon. I really like the hop profile in the Weihenstephaner Pils. I’ve searched all the forums for couple days and can’t find any solid information as to what hops they use in this beer. My general recipe is 100% Best Malz pils, SAF-34/70, maybe a touch of carapils, 1.048-1.050 OG, and 35-40 IBU. I was thinking about Perle for bittering and 3-4 oz Tettnang and/or Hallertauer flavor/aroma. I can’t justify those choices in relation to that beer, not experienced enough to tell the differences.

Not looking for a ‘clone,’ just something in the ballpark.

Thanks, any input appreciated.

Remember when i was in holland a friend did brew this beer. I just did ask him. Hops wise. He says. Northern brewer hop pellits. 9.3% alpha acid. Boil 60 min. Saaz hops 3.5% alpha acid. Boil 30 min. Saaz hops 3.5% alpha acid boil 20 min. That all he said. Mmm he is kind of anal to share his brew secrects

Wilcolandzaat, thanks for your input. I just sampled another bottle. Your friend may be correct, this beer does seem to have Saaz flavor/aroma, somewhat reminiscent of Urquell with a bit less hop addition. I am going to the homebrew supply shop tomorrow to buy the ingredients, maybe someone else can add to the discussion.

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Do be American, hop the heck out of it! If your are lagering it, alot of it will mello out by the time you get to it! Sneezles61

Decided to go with Tettnang. I’ve never used Tett as the the dominant flavor/aroma hop. I’ll add an extra ounce or so just for kicks !!

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