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Weak Tasting Beer

Hey Everyone,

I just bottled my first batch of beer last night (Caribou Slobber), and I noticed that my beer tasted really watery. I looked over my notes, and I’m not seeing anything that should have watered it down (added the 2 gal of water to be carboy before adding the wort, only added a little more water to top it off).

The only thing I can think of is that my boil wasn’t strong enough. I’m using a coil stove (I know, it sucks), and when I was at “boil” I was only getting one or two strong bubbles per second. It certainly wasn’t a rolling boil, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time (it was the highest my stove could go too). Could this be the source of my weak tasting beer? I’m disappointed since I’ve been looking forward to this beer for weeks.

Does anyone know a solid kitchen burner I can use on the side to boil my water?

Not the boil. Did you get the gravities you were expecting? Did you add anything extra to the kit that may have dried it out? Left any of the extract out? Did you cold crash it? Beer at lower temps tend to mask the flavor. What were expecting flavor wise. I believe this is a Moose Drool clone so if you were expecting a stout you will be disappointed.

If this is too light on flavor, try another kit. A porter, or stout, or IPA perhaps.

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Let your beer carbonate for a few weeks; don’t drink more than one if you aren’t happy with it, allow it to sit and carbonate a week longer, rinse and repeat, etc.

You might just be unused to how a beer goes from “green”, to “damn, that’s’ great!”

when I bottled a lot, it used to always take at least three weeks for an average beer to come into it’s own.

Thanks guys.

So I definitely don’t have to worry about the boil?

The cooling wasn’t as quick as I wanted, but it still wasn’t that slow. My gravity was spot on. There just doesn’t seem to be much flavor to the beer, and I was expecting a good amount. I’ll let it sit though! I’ll have to be patient with it some more.

[quote=“TheUnfocusedOne”]and I noticed that my beer tasted really watery.[/quote]Congrats - sounds like you made a spot-on Moose Drool clone!

What type of beer do you like? What commercial beers do you drink? Many members have tried the kits, myself included, and could steer you in the direction of a beer more suitable to your liking.

you sampled flat beer wich will seem thin(weak). let the beer carb up and you"ll taste a different beer. i know, i “sample” alot of flat beer !!

Alright so just to make sure I came home and popped open a bottle and tried it. Muuuuch better than when I put it in, and it’s only been 2 days.

Really looking forward to this now!

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