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Way under shot my mash temp

So today was one of those brew days where nothing went right. The biggest mistake was embarrassingly stupid. Instead of bringing my strike water up to 169 degrees to get a mash temp of 153, I did 159 for 143. No explanation. Brew is a lager. 12lbs of grain. Pre boil grav was 1.042 and OG was 1.058. Did I even create a fermentable beer? Should I even bother trying to ferment this?

Yep, it’ll be fine. Might be thin. When I want a super dry beer, I mash at 145 for a long time, like 90 minutes or so. You’ll have conversion. Just might not be the beer you intended to brew.


Great. Thanks. I noticed it right away so I let the mash go for almost 90min. We will.just see how it turns out.

Too late now, but what you should have done when you saw that your initial mash temp was low, was do a quick decoction. In most 5G mashtuns, about 3 qts of thick mash boiled and returned will bump the mash temp up by 8-10 degrees. At least it does for me!

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Everyone has those moments. Like dough in to a MLT and forgetting the false bottom… Guilty

140F is perfect for Beta Enzymes. Dry beer. Your beer is fine.

I have recently upgraded my system to HERMS system where I can Multi-Temp Mash.
Youtube HERMS

104 - Dough In
122 - Protein Rest (only if I have unmodified malts)
140 - Beta Rest
158 - Alpha Rest
170 - Mash Out

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