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Waterproofing temp probe?

Now I’ve been a looking else where and I saw a couple of peeps just put them in a small jar of water! Not sure, yet their isn’t a voltage/amperage concern. Have you tried this? Maybe I will be this forum lab rat? Sneezles61

Not sure what probe you have but I put one of These on mine to make it waterproof.

Works like a charm.

I was just thinking of the heat shrink tubing for water proof electrical connections.

I like both those options. Loopie, Indians? Flars, I saw today about the heat shrink with a glue in the center, now its to find which I can git locally… Sneezles61

Already down 1-0. Typical Cleveland fashion. Likely cursed by the comeback series win of the Cavs. So it goes for Cleveland. Luckily I’m a Reds fan, which hurts even more.

Everybody around here is rooting for the Cubs…so I’m going for Indians…world series is not the time to be a hot shot Baez…

They need some water proofing at the game tonight! Go tribe!

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One losing streak done with, next year ? Sneezles61

I hope so. If their pitching staff stays healthy then they have a good chance.

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They did look pretty good, better with a home brew, eh? See how that tied in? Sneezles61

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