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Watermelon wheat clone

does anyone have a good clone recipe for 21st amendments Hell or High Watermelon Wheat for either extract or partial mash? Thanks

I’m drinking the last few bottles of my clone I made a few weeks ago. I used an extract w/steeping grains wheat ale kit. During 7 day primary I bought 2 seedless watermelons (about the size of basketballs) cut them into small chunks and put in zip loc freezer bags and froze (to kill any bacteria). After primary, I racked onto frozen melon in a bucket and let sit for 10 days. You can go longer for more melon taste (another 4-5 has worked for me). After secondary, rack to keg or bottle bucket.

I like a faint melon flavor so I do 10 days but the 14 or 15 isn’t that overpowering…you could split and do both and see which you like better but I suugest you use ripe watermelons instead of flavorings.

I just brought a few bottles to a beer bar for a head to head tasting against Lost Coast’s version…6 picked mine, 3 picked theirs and 1 couldn’t tell the diff…

I’ll take that anyday!

When I attempted to clone the 21 A watermelon wheat I just did a simple 50/50 pale/wheat with about 15 ibu of cascades, ferment out with clean us-05 and hit it with a 4 oz container of watermelon extract in the secondary then package as normal. I never did a side by side but it was close, a great summer beer. 21 A says they use watermelon juice in primary then flavoring so this recipe will get you close. Good Luck! Let me know if you have any questions

I brewed this and came out awesome. ... at-recipe/
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