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Water: Snow Run-Off

I was out on the Peralta Canyon trail today in the Superstition Wilderness. The canyons are running with water from the recent snow melt. I was thinking it would be cool to use this water in a nice summer ale.
I know the risk with using such water, but I’ve drank it before after sanitizing. So if I pre-boil and then do a 60 minute boil of the wort I think it would be very safe.
I looked at it today and it’s running clear and cold. I think I’ll go pull a sample, check the pH, etc.

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Get as much as you can use… do brew with it… perhaps a lighter brew… Adjust for mash pH… You will need to add yeast nutrient due to the lack of minerals… I see a nice soft, grain full, pilsner right there… Using Ale yeast of course… Ferment cool and use a clean yeast… You’ll be the envy of ales-ville! I’d like to see your results too! Sneezles61


Well from my experience winter camping boiled snow melted water doesn’t taste that great without a little cool aid mixed in. Now run off would pick up some minerals so might taste better. Despite what Coors says it may need to be adjusted. Makes for nice advertising though


It’s a cool idea. You’re right boiling would make it safe and adjusting pH is a must but without knowing more it would be hard for me to decide what to brew with it.

Something like a middle of the road amber ale, highly hopped might be the safest route.

That’s exactly what I was thinking. A nice hoppy IPA with a touch of citrus would be great on a 115 degree summer day.
I was thinking I’d take a sample to the local pool store and have it tested. That would give me some idea of the water’s content.

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