Water Profile for Pilsner IPA

Hi, I want to brew my first all grain batch with pilsner / rye as a IPA. I am using BeerSmith2 software, I have a water test kit with the typical ingredients to make up my desired water profile after I run it through a RO.
My question is. What is the best water profile for a pilsner IPA? The following water profile is what I’ve put together based on what I’ve read:
Ca: 100
Mg: 20
SO4: 150
Na: 75
Cl: 75
HCO3: 50

How do you want it to turn out? Dank, aggressive, balanced, smash you in the face hoppy?

I would probably bump up sulfate a little more, maybe 250-300. But it really depends how you want it to be.

Do you envision a pils IPA being significantly different than a regular IPA, or are you just making it with pils malt?

I am going add a little hop to the boil and lots of dry hop. I want it to be an IPA most everyone will drink. I’m thinking an IBU of about 50 with fruity tones. Not a big punch up front and then balanced fruity hop finish.

I’d say that’s perfect then! Shoot for a mash pH on the lower end, like 5.2-5.3, and maybe bump up the sulfate a little, but I think you’d be happy with that water profile.

Thank you so much!!