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Water help

I use Whole foods 365 brand in my beer the majority of the time. i feel like i get a bit of a tang in my darker beers, but my light beers drop clear and have no off flavors. I recently found out crystal bottles for them at the benton, tn plant. here’s what i could find and here is the link:
Barium .059
Nitrogen .095
Alkalinity 100
Bicarbonate 130
Bromide .015
calcium 42
Chloride 2.9
Hardness, calcium 100
hardness, total 120
magnesium 4.8
pH 6.9
potassium 1.0
sodium 2.8
sulfate 3.3
tds 160 ... n%20TN.pdf

Is this enough information or do i need to send a sample to ward?

The report balances modestly well. It might do.

The water does have a modest level of alkalinity that would have to be neutralized with acid for a pale beer. It may not be necessary for a darker beer, but you wouldn’t know without plugging it into a calculator or checking pH of the mash.

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