Water - English Bitter

Just got a water report back for the spring water I usually use for brewing. Not a lot of stuff in there. Here are the main #s:

Hardness as Calcium Carbonate: 143.6 mg/L

Sulphate: 30 mg/L

Magnesium: 9.4 mg/L

Sodium : 3.5 mg/L

I’m not really looking to get exact numbers for Burtonizing or anything. Just wondering if there is anything I should add or try to subtract to get a good British Pale Ale liquid.

I would add a bit more gypsum for sulfate, and a dose of calcium chloride to accentuate the malt. Maybe go for 50-75ppm of chloride and sulfate. a bitter is a balanced beer so you want those ions balanced.

So adding 50-75 ppm to what I have already?

I likely will just be adding to the kettle. Doing a 46L batch size. Forget what my preboil vol. is likely to be.

Off the top of your head, any idea how much I should add (in tsp)?