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Water bath Fermentation

Using the water bath method with frozen bottles and swapping the bottles out every 12 hours, I am able to keep the temp of the water at a consistent 60 degrees F. My yeast is Wyeast’s German 1007 for an Altbier recipe. I’ve had a vigorous fermentation that required a blow off hose.

What would be the fermentation temp inside my 6.5 gallon glass carboy?

Thanks for any help ya’ll can provide.

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I use the same method (swamp cooler). I usually keep the water outside the carboy within an inch or so of the top level of the beer inside the carboy. I’ve tested the temps during fermentation and the beer has never been more than 2 degrees warmer than the water in the tub. Usually if you keep the temps at the lower end of the yeast’s temp range, the fermentation is not violent, therefore there is less heat produced during fermentation. There are some yeasts that tend to be more active than others - hefeweizens, for example - but for the most part, keeping the temps on the lower end will calm things down a lot.

The lowest I’ve had my beer in a swamp cooler is around 56* F.



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What was the temp when you pitched the yeast? It will take off like a rocket if it’s warm and the ice bath won’t cool it quickly. A swamp cooler usually has a T shirt draped over the fermenter and a fan blowing on it to wick up the cool water also.

An adhesive thermometer stuck on above the water level is helpful if you don’t already have one.

I wouldn’t worry about it. Anything you can do to keep the temp lower is better than nothing.

I pitched the yeast at 68 degrees F. and kept swapping in the frozen water bottles to get the outside water temp to 60 degrees. I used two packs of German Ale 1007 as one had a date of Feb. while the other had a date of May. I should have made a starter instead of two packs.

I’ll pick up an adhesive thermometer this week.

I have the water level right up to the level of the wort inside my glass carboy. Will try the tee-shirt method on my next brew.

Don’t be in such a hurry to pitch the yeast. I’ll put my wort in the chamber or swamp cooler for a few hours to get the temp down to the lower range before pitching. Alot easier than trying to lower the temp during active fermentation

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