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Water bath bottle conditioning

Had a maybe bright idea yesterday. The ambient temperature in my brew room this time of year is 67°F. Bottle conditioning takes too long especially for an IPA at this temperature. Instead of filling the warmer dining room with cases of beer I’m warming the beer in the brew room. I have the STC-1000 controlling an aquarium heater set to 72°F.

Still need to fit the restaurant bussing tray with a flat bottom so I don’t need to fit the bottles between the ribs.


Solid idea.

That is interesting. Could also be used for pasteurization?


Very clever.

Flars has a new use for the controller! New, and clever gizmo for home brewers! And as Loopie points out too! Bravo Flars! Sneezles61

Some Belgian breweries use what they call a warm room at 80 degrees after they bottle to help carbonate the beer faster. Saison DuPont is one brewery that still does this. They go one step further and all bottles are laid on their side claiming that this changes the taste of their beer mimicking secondary fermentation in the bottle of sorts. You could easily build a little box and get small heat source with you temp controller instead of the water method that’s going to harbor mold and bacteria.

Tbsp of bleach should fix that.

Bleach does it. I always add some bleach to a water bath/swamp cooler. Reminds me of Monday morning on the farm when I was small. Wash day, bleach, and the ringer washer.

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