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Water....again...and again

I had a different user name before and had a lot of info saved on here. Haven’t brewed in over a year now though and lost all of my info.

I have less than desirable water here at home and I can’t remember if I used distilled water or some type of other water by the gallon. I’m pretty sure most extract brewers suggest distilled water if home tap water is “bad”.

Suggestions? I’m getting ready to brew a batch for a celebratory beer when my first daughter is born in August.

I use RO water and I do IPA’s most of the time so RO and some gypsum and I’m good to go !

Why do you consider your water bad? City water with flouride and chlorine? Or hard well water?

I use tap water that I’ve run through a Brita filter. Works great.


Your prior threads/posts or discussions should not be gone from the board. Their are posts way back to the late ninety’s still on the board. I guess we are missing something here.

At any rate tell us what your water looks like IE: actual report, iron problem?, high alkalinity and bicarbonate?, high chlorine? etc… most water can be used with workarounds and if you happen to be in a rare case where your iron or alkalinity/TDS is sky high maybe its best to use RO/ distilled and build upon that.

Well, in order for me to re-access my old account, I had to contatct an administrator. BUT, you have to log in to contact an administrator. I tried searching my posts, but the results come back so recent that it’d take me 3 years to sift back to my posts.

Anyways, I have bad well water…that’s all there is to it. I’m not even bothering with it.

When you say bad well water then I have to imagine it is very high TDS and iron filled which lands you into the rare case file. I would suggest just using an RO/distilled water then for extract brewing.

Thanks…I’m thinking that’s what I was using before. Will do!

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