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Wasting a cup?

Hi there,

A thought has been bugging me for awhile now. I only have a hydrometer. No refractometer.

When I take a reading during/after fermntation, it takes almost 8 ozs to fill my test vessle. Then I take a sip and dump it down the drain once I get my number.

Does anyone simply sterilize their hydrometer and set it loose in their fermenter to take a reading?

Would save dumping precious brew!

I usually drink the whole sample or most of it. I feel I get a better feel for what it’s going to be like if I take several sips and involve all the tastebuds.

I take a 12 oz. sample. After I get my reading I put it in a 20 oz. PET bottle with a carbonator cap. Hit it w/ 30 psi., put it in the freezer for 45 min. and you’ve got a cold, carbed sample…no waste!

I sanitize my wine thief and hydrometer, draw my sample, drop the hydro into the thief, and after my reading just put the sample back. I know some people say “why risk infecting a batch” but I’ve never had a problem doing it that way. As long as your sanitation is thorough.

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