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Washing yeast

I see this is a repeat from the past…How do you handle your yeast? So as time marches on, I wanted to see if things are still the same… I have this Australian yeast that has a great character, and I wonder now about washing some of it for longer term saving… I can’t seem to find that strain right now… Sneezles61

I haven’t washed/rinsed yeast for quite a few years when harvesting. Just pour the swirled up contents of the carboy into a pint canning jar. Storing under beer keeps the cell walls of the yeast in better condition than water. I’ll save two pints of a yeast I don’t use too often in case a jar may show an infection later.

Yeast can be frozen when combined with a glycerin solution but I haven’t gone that far yet.


I’ll investigate further … Sneezles61
A little more investigating, it doesn’t seem too terribly hard to do…

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