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Washing yeast and reuse yeast

So for the first time do try to wash the yeast. Me did transfer a beer sat to the second fermenter and did collect the yeast from the fermentor. Did end up with about 4 mason jars. Did let it settle. And did get rid off the first part. So now got. Three jars in my fridge. But guess im not ready. If i look at it got three layers. Question. What is the actual yeast. The middle part??

The white layer is the one to git at. I know you’ll git some of the other trub and dead yeast with it, but you try, carefully pour off the top until you think you have the healthy yeast, then save under a cap of beer. Sneezles61


The white part like Sneezle said is the best yeast but it all has yeast in it. No need to wash just pour in a jar with some beer on top and use as needed. After 2 weeks I’ll make a starter with some of the yeast to make sure it’s good and ready to do its job.

I don’t bother making a starter, I just warm it and pitch. Never had one not take off.

Did transfer the slurry back and forth in my mason jars. Last night did collect the middle part. Got yeast out of two jars. Put it back in the fridge just this morning did check. Its nice and white

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How did you cover it? Did you use what you collected? Did it work out okay?

Not yet. But. Most the time end up with to much. Just toss it out. But what now i use for a starter. In use with dme. Only thing. I do have to boil the wort. When i use it together with dme

I cover mine (pint mason jars)with aluminum foil secured with an elastic band. It allows for some co2 expansion but still a closed environment from airborne contaminants. The elastic band is some type of hair thingie I pinched from my wife…

I’ve done a few with Saran Wrap and a rubber band. I will do this when its at room temp, then put in the fridge. It will cool and pull the plastic down… Maybe just me, but that tells me I have an air tight seal, nothing should be able to get to it… Oh yeah it should have a bit of a beer cap, and keep it cold… Sneezles61

Thanks for the info. Yet another thing to try…:beers:

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