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Survey question… How often does everyone replace the nylon washer between the tank and the regulator?

Also if you use MFL’s how often there?

Never. Should last long time.

I replace the nylon washer between cylinder and reg every time I refil the cylinder.

I’ve never replaced the ones in the MFLs because I haven’t had them apart.

I think I had one tank washer crack a couple years ago, other than that, I rarely replace them.

MFL’s only get replaced if I lose one or if I accidentally over tighten they might get deformed enough to leak.

This is my concern with the washer. Fireline gives me a new one everytime I get a refil so I use it.

I periodically spray star san on my gas fittings to make sure they aren’t leaking. I only change the washer if it looks bad or I detect a leak.

Keg lube again works great… Very lightly, and I do use a wrench to be sure the connection is just passed snug. I really don’t over tighten and destroy the flat, rubber/vinyl washer. Sneezles61

Never. Don’t over tighten the regulator it’s not much pressure

Never. One of my regs has a “built in” washer so let’s hope it lasts a long time.

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