Warsteiner Octoberfest Special Edition

Found this at Spec’s today. It’s good. I prefer this style of Octoberfest beer over a marzen. Golden in color, nice malt flavor, and well balanced. I sure could thrown down a liter or two of this!

Got to try this one still(in the fridge).

The vast majority of US Oktoberfests that I have tried truly are a Maerzen style . The vast majority of German Oktoberfests that are available here are Festbiers, lighter overall. Exceptions are SN Oktoberfest and Ayinger, which really are hybrids, not clearly in either camp.

I have recently tried Peak Organic Oktoberfest, for me, not great…meh. And also tried Naragansett Festbier in a 16 ounce can, definitely a Maerzen and a little rough. Not bad just seemed like it would have benefitted from more lagering? …,… I do like these old New England brewery brands being resurrected like Ballantine and Naragansett…what next Rheingold?