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Warrior Hops: How does it age?


I have never used Warrior Hops before but since I got back into homebrewing to discover my beloved Eroica was …extinct…I have to find something else that is provides good IBU per ounce and that can age well without tasting like a closet or a closet with a cat stuck in it.

I plan on brewing an American Barleywine / Strong ale. Aiming for FG of 1.030 to 1.034 and an IBU of around 100. and my ultimate goal is to crack it open in two years for our wedding anniversary and then again in 7 years for our 10th anniversary.

If not Warrior then any tips on what would age well for a long period of time would be appreciated.


Can’t say how warrior ages. A nice bittering hop to use is magnum. I’ve always got a smooth bitterness from them.

Thanks for the tip. What is the longest you have aged Magnum?

Six months in an octobefest. Galena hops are supposed to be ‘sister’ hops. Any decent high AA hop should age well in your beer.

German Magnum is a good cleann bittering hop typical AA of around 14. It would be good for what you’re planning. Cluster is another good one with a simple clean profile.

Warrior ages just fine IMO

Thanks again all.

I am considering Magnum now but I am curious about how long you have aged Warrior Wahoo…Was in in excess of 1 year?

I have a barleywine or two that used Warrior that are many years old. When I think of hops that don’t age well, I think of aroma hops that are in your face when young but fall off quickly. In my experience the degredation of bittering hops is far less variety-specific. Have you seen or heard otherwise?

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The reason I ask is I have just gotten into brewing again after a 20 year hiatus. Lots of new hops and one less Eroica, so I just wanted to make certain since I do not remember Warrior being around in 1995 (maybe it was but I missed it).

I heard some of the “citrusy” American hops can take on unpleasant tones when they age, but like you said, it was mostly the aroma and flavor ones but I wanted to make sure.

Thanks again, I am happy to hear Warrior is viable for this.

LOL. Thanks a lot. Not only did I snarf by beer reading that, but I’m now also wiping off my computer monitor after a bit of a ‘spit take’ that even Lou Costello would have been be proud of. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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