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Warming Up a Keg to Dry Hop

I’ve been cold aging a big IIPA in the keg for about a month with the hopes of letting things mellow out a bit. My plan all along has been to dry hop, cold, and in the keg after this extra aging time. Well I ran into a little logistics issue… I’ve run out of fridge space for the keg (I need the fridge for temp controlling this weekend’s batch).

So my question - Am I going to be hurting anything by warming the keg back up to dry hop it? As far as I know, it shouldn’t, but I figured I’d ask here first.

At room temp the hops will work faster.

Edit: Not clear here, sorry - I meant that this would be the only thing affected by warming it up to dryhop and then chilling again. :cheers:

Not going to hurt a thing.

Yup. I figure the standard one week room temp dry hop, rather than a two week cold one.

Thanks for the reassurance. I’d HATE to ruin this beer.

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