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Warm weather coming and garden planning

Friday it is supposed to reach 50°F and warm up a little more in the next days. Got me to thinking about what to put in the garden this year. With a little help from Son will move the cucumber and bean trellises. They have been in the same place for four or five years. I rotated the beans and cucumbers each year.

Biggest problem is downy mildew on my grapes. Mildew also decimated my peas the second year of planting. Probably won’t plant peas again. I’ll need to cut back on some work this year. Considering layering green saw dust under and around the grapes. Prevent mildew spores from splashing up onto the plants. The fermenting saw dust might also kill or set back the spores in the soil.

Are you in the planning stage for garden crops, disease, and pest control?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot…haha…not much real planning or work done yet. I’ve thought of building raised beds but I’m not convinved there’ll be much benefit. Just work to build and $ for dirt to fill them. Maybe I’ll get get a couple yards of compost down before I till and be done with it…

Every time I start to think about it we get a freeze warning, like for tonight…Suppose to be 60s during the day for the next 10 days or so…

I bought a small greenhouse with our tax refund and have it up, waiting for the thaw. I’ve started peppers and tomatoes in my basement, and probably started them a little early. Hopefully, the greenhouse will let me get those outside sooner rather than later. The wife has too many plans for our current raised beds, so I’ll likely put in a couple more in the next couple of weeks.

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We bought like a gazillion green arrow peas seeds… Ahnilator green beans, Jade cucumbers… We will just buy the Tomatoes and peppers seedlings this year… Seems as though the flowers are edging up now… Going to add 3 more apple trees… I didn’t do much with the grapes… I will tend to them this W/E… I promise… Maybe get some Asparagus roots going… again. Our garden is all raised beds… no tilling… We have plenty of leaves we compost… friends with… Cow… poop… I think I’ll raise up few boxes this year… Its all fenced in to keep the deer (the girls) from trimming stuff up… Anyone need some golden globes? Sneezles61
PS… I’m thinking, next W/E to plant peas… about 200 of them…

Dang, we still have three feet of snow on the ground!

Thats our vegetable garden…

Not as much snow in our backyard as Pork Chop… And perhaps Flars…

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You have a magic post in your yard; it sprouts pint glasses of beer(Maibock?)!


It’s in the mid to high 60s in the pacific northwest. Crazy you guys still have snow this late. Planting my hops this coming Saturday

^^^ lucky duck! Voodoo, that was just about the last pint of ESB… drippings through the bag of hops… :blush: Sneezles61

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Where does one acquire such a magical backyard implement?! I want one too! :joy:



Gambrinus, the god of brews, had a special at one time… It was delivered by a leprechaun… Riding on the back of a unicorn… Farting dust! Please keep your beer covered! :scream: Sneezles61

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Took this picture this morning. One of the reasons for a good fence around the garden.

Two tom turkeys on the left and another behind the garage further to the left. I didn’t think toms would travel together this time of the year.

I think the hens have their … dresses pulled down tight… No hen wants to sit in the snow incubating eggs now… Perhaps they are jakes… They’ll hang out together, BUT, they will turn at the sight of a hen! Maybe a funny story… Brother in law use a turkey decoy I bought for yard decor… He put it on a stick a few years ago… 6-8 Jakes where standing off in the distance… not sure… The wind caused the decoy to turn… They all came running, fighting with each other to get to her first!:joy: Silly birds… Sneezles61


Had to revive this one… Fun stuff I dream about in the late days of winter… Planning the garden… Looking at seed catalogues, whats new, whats still an old staple that is the hot seller …
We’ve been having Turkeys visiting a bit more the last couple of day, now that the snow is disappearing…I’ll bet the deer didn’t get all the spent grain I put out… With some help from the sun, I could be planting peas in a couple of weeks! I did this last year and had garden peas close to the 4th of July! Garden candy I refer to them as… My wife will have radishes and spinach ready to plant too… Lettuce will have to wait a little bit…
I used to have hops, but the deer deer got to them before me… They’d eat the lower leaves and stunt cone production… For you hop growers that have deer hanging around…
How many others plant “edible landscaping”? Sneezles61

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We converted almost all of our flower gardens to herbs and vegetables. Kind of cool to pick a fresh cuke and tomato for a salad on the way into the house. Very limited compared to what my grandpa and I used to plant. Planning on expanding some this year though.

I’m planning on sowing some collards, arugula, carrots and radishes in the next couple weeks…maybe get some onion sets out. I’ve been putting the spent grains/hops on the garden so I’ll till them in soon.

Our spring is a bit earlier than Y’alls and we had spent a good chunk of Feb-March planting and sprucing the yard…we should have waited. A big supercell came through yesterday and demolished all of the plants, with hail that varied in size from dime sized to the ever famous,“golf ball sized hail”. Our pool enclosure took a big hit. Luckily no major damage otherwise. I hear chainsaws(never a good sign in Florida) the next street over and some blue tarps on the houses there, microburst?

I’ve always thought the grains would depress the pH. Do you add lime?

That sucks man!

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Oh VooDoo… I’m sad to see that mess… You all don’t cut down palm trees for firewood… or for the smoker… so, hearing one must send a horrible tremor through the tummy… We just had our first show of lightning… awww, spring is just about here… Sneezles61

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