Warm homebrew tastes better

I find I like the taste of my homebrew better warm. When ever I crack one open early I don’t bother chilling it before trying it and they taste great. I feel like when I put them in the fridge for an hour or two they taste sub par. Even if I fridge them for longer they just don’t taste as good.

Seriously? Like an off flavor in your beers, or all beers? Most beers ARE probably served too cold for style…try as I might I don’t enjoy the cask conditioned beers as much as I think I should because I find them too warm and flat. The “pretentious handlebar mustachioed hipster” in me tries to like them. :mrgreen: I know, I know, let it go…

For what it’s worth, the big 3 American beer companies want you to drink their product as close to freezing as possible. What that does is freeze your taste buds, and you really can’t taste it then anyway. In a way they have created a tasteless product. Some of those people act surprised when they drink homebrewed or craftbrewed beer. What they don’t realize is they are really tasting real beer for the first time, in some cases. For those who don’t like it makes me wonder if they like beer at all or some watered down lightly alcohol beverage they think is beer. Just IMO. By the way the Brits have been drinking room temp beer for centuries.

It may just be that warmer beer releases more C02 and it has more flavor.

I actually love way some beers can completely change profile as they warm between the first sip and the last.

But yea, half a degree above freezing is too cold for any decent beer.

I agree beer was never meant to be drunk ice cold. Don’t get me wrong, a nice cold watery beer tastes good after working on a hot humid day.

I agree beer was never meant to be drunk ice cold. Don’t get me wrong, a nice cold watery beer tastes good after working on a hot humid day.[/quote]
Reminds me of when I was travelling in China a few years ago. Every time I saw an ad or poster for beer, it had “Ice Cold!” printed on it - in English. Like that was the only thing you needed to know to pick that beer. Of course, most of the Chinese beers make Coors seem highly hopped and very malty in comparison, so maybe that was all you needed to know…

I guess that is one thing china will not be exporting. Unless of course they make some kind of trade deal with InBev. Oops

Did you know that Snow beer (I think they named it to highlight the flavor - real truth in advertising) is only available in China, but is the best selling beer in the world? I wouldn’t be surprised if InBev gets purchased by a Chinese company.

All depends on personal preference. I find that in addition to being served way too cold in most bars (even ones that claim to be ‘good beer’ bars), I also find that many commercial craft beers are over-carbonated.
When a well made, hoppy ale is too carbonated and (especially) served too cold, it kills the whole experience.
I stopped refrigerating my homebrews years ago…I keep my kegs at cellar temperature (which, luckily, is around 60°F year 'round).

Of course, now I’m worried…I think that I’m sounding like the beer geeks being mocked in that controversial (but brilliant) Bud Superbowl commercial. :shock:

Kolsch has been one that I really like when it’s hot. I was looking back on my tasting notes of the first one I made some time ago. I wrote that I popped the cap right out of the frig and tasted it, and thought it was ok, then went about doing something else. About 15-20 min later I remembered the beer and went back to it. When I tasted it then after it had warmed some I was shocked at how amazing the flavor was. Everything came alive, and I could distinctly taste all the components. I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Years ago around 1970 I was visiting a special uncle on his farm in Quebec. He was a German immigrant and liked a glass of beer. He kept his Molsen export in the cellar. Boy did that taste good. I used to bring back cases of that beer. Tried drinking american beer warm, blah

I too enjoy my beer more as it warms.

Right or wrong, that’s partly how I define a good beer, one that still tastes good warm.

I wish there was a down vote option.

I wish there was a down vote option.[/quote]

Come on lighten up. Craft brewers and home brewers make the best beer but big beer is much better at commercials give them that.