Warm enough to use the smoker yesterday

It was over 40°F yesterday so I used my early Christmas present. This is the third time I used the smoker. Might have gotten the hang of it now. Used hickory chunks this time to prevent over smoking. Couple of racks of St. Louis style ribs about an hour before being done.

When ribs are on sale I’m planning eight racks at a time.

Yum. I’m coming over for dinner.

We have ribs in the crock pot that I smoked last summer and froze the left overs. Not as good as right off the smoker but I bet they won’t be bad. Brought the smoker with us so same as you, when they are on sale we will be smokin’.

I like tossing a pork loin on and slicing it up on the electric slicer for lunch meat also.

I’ve been vacuum sealing for the freezer from the grill, smoker, and garden. To us it seems as good as fresh.

I’ll bring some home brew

Those look great, I prefer the spareribs for a lot of meat and they smoke beautifully.
I used to smoke a lot of ribs when they were 10# for $10. Enjoy Flars. :meat_on_bone: