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Walmart brand of spring water?

Hello I am sorry about keep asking about water. But I looking at using the wal-mart Best value spring water for my frist all grain brew in almost 5 years . Now I have done all grain before but I did not worry about my water because I was living in the city. But Now I live where I am on a well an the water tast weird … So I want to use the best value spring water it only like $0.88 cent a gallon . So I am wounding what in that water like the Alkalinty , Calcum ect … yes I know bottle water can come from diffenet places an hard to pin point the right amounts … I look on the gallon jug an seem that it bottle in South carolian Now I live in NC so that not very far … An also how would a person call the company to ask them about the best value spring water aka wal-mart brand of spring water …

See if you can speak with the Dept Manager. Maybe he can tell you the bottler so you can ask them for some additional information.

I occasionally use it to top-off my batches when I over shoot the OG or have too great a boil off. I can’t speak to the content, but I can say it has had no detrimental effect on any of my brews…it also makes a pretty good cup of coffee, so it can’t be too bad. :wink:


It should say on the container who bottled it.

I send a couple samples off to Ward Labs to test both were spring water and they came back as a soft water good for brewing light beers.

I’m assuming your Wal-Mart has an RO dispenser, which will cost about $0.30-0.40/gal and give you a known starting point.

I would skip the spring water and use the Culligan machine water. I have been using it for years and it’s only 37-39 cents a gallon. I even bring my own jugs and save on buying theirs.

Just use E-Z Water calculator, Bru N Water or others to add gypsum, calcium chloride etc. to bring up calcium levels to at least 50 ppm. And adjust the chloride to sulfate ratio to the beer style. These calculators also have a ph estimate after adding the salts.

You can check the mineral content of many commercial waters at

would be a good site…if… it was even close to being accurate

would be a good site…if… it was even close to being accurate[/quote]

You mean their analyses? What’s the problem with them?

The biggest problem with Walmart spring water is that it may come from multiple sources. You may not know what your getting since each spring source has differing water quality. Sourcing your water from a company that has only one source may be a better way to assure your assumptions on water profile are consistent with a published reference.

would be a good site…if… it was even close to being accurate[/quote]

You mean their analyses? What’s the problem with them?[/quote]

They are drastically off on a few sources I know of. Some might be right but the ones I know of are not even close. A lot of these places vary a lot and you have no idea where it came from. Or which buyer bought it from where to go to what store etc etc.

I just went a bought a gallon of Wally World Great value spring water.

On the jug it tells the bottler and the source of where it came from I remember in the past that I called the bottler and they sent me the analysis sheet.

Try that an see what you get.

THe problem with a lot of spring water places they get water form all different kinds of sources from very hard water to very soft water. A lof of reports I have seen do not show a single number they show a wide range of numbers. Then you don’t know where it came from until you get to the store and buy it, buyers, shipping, and tons of other things can come into play to on what you may get

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