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Waldo Lake Amber

Does anyone know what the intended IBU total for this beer is? Denny, I know you’re out there. Thanks in advance.


FWIW, when I brewed it, I split the batch in two batches and brewed half normally and according to directions and the other half again according to directions but adjusting the hops additions (no FWH) to keep it closer to 25-30 as I’m not a “hoppy” beer fan.

Both were excellent, but normal was more-excellent!


I finally brewed this and it went on tap on 1/18. IBU and other stats on the label below. I like it for a change of pace from the IPA’s and porters/stouts, etc. Thanks Denny for yet another stellar recipe. I’m guessing you spent many a summer on the lake and know this spot very well, huh?

Glad ya like it Greg! Yeah, I’ve stood at that very spot! It’s a beautiful place.

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