Have any of you tried the Wil Wheaton w00tstout? It looks bizarre but maybe worth trying. I’d like to know, can you really get up to 13% ABV? My admittedly limited understanding is that ale yeasts can’t tolerate that much alcohol.

Some yeasts can. US-05 being one, but I think there is a fairly large addition of other spirits (I may be wrong) that boost that ABV. It DOES look like an interesting kit. It’s been on my list of “to try” for awhile now. If you make it, let us know how she turns out.


I started a 10 gallon batch of WootStout on 2/25/15. I was worried about the ABV because according to the manufacture, the recommended yeast is only good to about 11% abv. So I made a double starter then in addition pitched some WL099 (good for 25% abv) about a week later. Let it sit in the primary for 4 weeks, then took a quick taste when racking to the secondary (no oak cubes soaked in bourbon yet). VERY pleased with the taste at this point. Added the oak cubes soaked in bourbon. Plan to leave those in for a couple of weeks before tasting again. Will keg as soon as I think I have enough oak / bourbon flavor then let sit until Christmas. Really excited to try the finished product.

FYI - No additional alcohol is added other than the bourbon soaked oak cubes.

healthy starter, good dose of O2, and quietly sing “I Love the Night Life”. you can ferment anything.