W/e bbq!

Good morning brew friends, today I will be slow cooking a 12 LB. brisket. Since its going to be cool and raining up here today, I am set up in the garage, I will throw the doors open as I will do this with charcoal and apple wood. Luckly, one of my cream ales are ready to grill with me today! I am hoping to be done in about 12-14 hours, low and slow! And what are you grilling this W/E ? I will have time to remember those whom gave their lives in war… Sneezles61

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Cheers to you, sneezles, and all those who gave!! Will be having bbq ribs and all the fixings with the family today, burgers on the grill tomorrow. Finishing the last of my American wheat and dark saison. A happy and respectful Memorial Day to all.



respect for the soldiers around the world
me no bbq but today tex mex food nachos and cold beer
think my siera nevada ale will taste good with nachos and lots of cheese

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Just over 9 hour cooking brisket, awesome, great mingling with cream ale, and a few peeps stopped by for a visit and, well of course…. cream ale… Monday there will be the salute at the veterans park in memory of the fallen heroes…. Do I understand this was actually started just after the civil war? A way to place flowers on the soldiers graves and come together to heal, as a united nation? This is one great nation, I thank all those whom gave the ultimate, then and now… Sneezles61


2 pork butts on the Akorn and a few pints of Wounded Warrior, my house recipe first brewed on Memeorial Day 3 years ago! Thanks to all who serve/d!

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