VPN access

After clicking on a link from an NB email I received this message.
“Restricted Access Sorry you cannot visit our store while using a VPN connection.”

I can turn the VPN off so it’s not a problem for me, just wondering why.

For sure a NB email and not phishing?

Doesn’t appear to be. It pops when I click on the link from what looks like every other email from NB.

I tried it this morning and got the same message on the latest NB email. Turned off the VPN and and no problem so all is well. The added security is worth the small inconvenience I guess.

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Hey all - I just saw this and wanted to give you an update. NB was seeing a higher-than-average volume of attempted fraud orders. We were able to stop them but needed to put a blocker in place. They were using VPN to block their locations. We hope that we are able to remove the restriction soon while keeping all of our customers and their information protected. Our apologies for any issues.
Thanks, Todd J


Thanks man! Much appreciated.

Thanks for the explanation Todd. It’s not really a problem for me to turn off the VPN, just wondered why my access was restricted. All is well.