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Vienna Malt

So of the latest readings on pH corrections, I see that Vienna Malt exhibited a little bit pH lowering capabilities than darker malt… With that said, then is that why many people that brew with it say they feel it is a better malt, than say its counter part, Munich? Can anyone correlate this in their brews? Sneezles61

Vienna malt is heated longer and is a darker malt than Munich . Darker malts lower pH. That is why I throw a little Munich in my pilsners

Not to say I know anything… I am reading that even the Rahr pale malts has as much ability to lower pH as much as dark malts… I’m trying to understand the buffering aspect of malts… Vienna has the ability to bring down the pH and dark malt isn’t always the answer… read some of Braukaiser stuff, then also read some of Martin Brungard’s stuff, then get a glimpse of how to sum it up simply with beersmith… I won’t leave John Palmer out, yet, he is so way over my head… I know of a few more to read, its overwhelming… I was trying to keep things simple, I think I’m getting sucked into the whirlpool cone!! :scream: Sneezles61

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Not related really…but i love the taste of raw vienna malt compared to any munich.

Wow you read alot

I would like to gain a bit of an understanding… kinda… Sneezles61

Nothing wrong with a little book learnin just don’t over do it

just a curious eye forward… aint calling it gospel… Sneezles61

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I corrected my water down to 5.6, added the grist, the mash went down to 5.1… So, next time I’ll correct to 5.7… Sneezles61

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