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Victory malt vs belgium buscuit malt

Did a end of the year clean up of my left over malts. Ended up having enough left to brew two batches of almost same recipe. 1 with belgium biscuit malt and other with victory malt was the only change that i made to my recipe. I used same amounts of each malt. Both beers came out same color and taste just like the other. Other than victory being 25L and belgium biscuit being 20L whats the differance between these two malts

sir - i think of them as interchangeable. Just made in different countries

Chill with the caps.

Sometimes you can get almost identical items called by different names. One of my favorite examples of this is Fuggles hops (UK), which are basically identical to Stygian Goldens (continental Europe) and Williamette (US).

The problem is when you get different items called by the same name, like Tettnang Tettnanger hops (Germany), Swiss Tettnanger hops (actually Fuggles), and US Tettnanger (also Fuggles).

Pretty much the same thing by another name. The same thing with Aromatic malt vs Abbey malt.

Yes. Sometimes similar things have different names from different companies. I disagree with the hop comparison though. My understanding is that Willamette, Styrian Goldings and American Tettnang are all a form of Fuggles grown in different parts of the world. I find UK Fuggles to be resiny but with a pleasant aroma in the package. I often use them as a bittering hop, but rarely use them as a finish hop because the beer comes out too reisiny. I often finish hop with Styrian Goldings though. It has a wonderful citrus character in Belgian and English style ales. I find Willamette to be somewhat metallic although, I have had some nice beers made with it. Those beers were nothing like my beers brewed with Styrian Goldings though. I have not used American Tettnag so I can’t comment on it. I am also sure what yeast is used also has an influence on the overall flavor.

I love Victory malt in an English Brown Ale and Biscuit malt in a Belgian Pale Ale like De Koninck. I don’t think that I have tried them side by side though.

I find victory and biscuit malt to be pretty similar. Though I do get a bit of toasty nuttiness out of victory I typically don’t get with biscuit.

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