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Very slow wort chilling process -- risks?

Hey all – I gloriously came out of semi-retirement this weekend and brewed a Deadringer. But I clearly am rusty & made a rookie mistake. When I was done with the brew and pulled the kettle off the heat, I intended to cool the wort down… but I poured it into the carboy to sit in the ice bath, instead of keeping it in the kettle.

The plastic is clearly not responding the same way aluminum does… the temp is slowly creeping downward but to get under 70 where I can add yeast, at this pace will probably take ~3 hours. I’ve got a sanitized thermometer sitting in there, but otherwise just need to wait.

Is this going to kill my batch?

Thanks buds

Nope. Aussies just let the kettle sit at room temperature until it chills. As long as you’re sanitized, there’s nothing to worry about.

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I have read several posts about no chill brewing, it’s actually used quite a lot in Australia from what I’ve read. The idea is to put the boiling wort into an airtight container and let it naturally drop down to pitching temp which can take 24-28 hours. The most important thing is keeping it airtight while it cools. I don’t know if you will get a good clean cold break with this method, but as long as it’s been airtight, you should be fine.


It may not clear as quickly but it should be fine. I am more concerned about you pouring hot wort in a plastic fermenter


You think that will release a plastic flavor into the beer?

The risk of hot wort into a plastic fermentor is the fermentor changing shape. Probably very little risk of off flavors.

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Seems there are more peeps down south that can’t chill to pitching temp, so they put the warm wort into a freeze-mentor or something as such… DWHAHB Sneezles61

Good news is that I already had two gallons of cold water in there, so by the time I added the wort the mixture was about 120 F. Not ideal but not hot enough to mess with the plastic. Anyway, 3-4 hours outside in the autumn chill did the trick… thanks everyone!

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