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Very Low FG

So 3 weeks ago I brewed the La Petite Orange extract kit. The O.G. was 1.064/ 15.6 Brix
The wort fermented at 65º in my temperature controlled fridge for 1 week and then finished at 72º for the last 2 weeks.

The yeast was Wyeast 3787. I made a 1.5 L starter using Brew United’s yeast calculator. Fermentation went great and took my first SG reading at 2 weeks: 1.002/ 6.4 Brix

Took another reading at 3 weeks and the SG was .999/ 6.0 Brix. Safe to say that’s the FG? :wink:

Ultimately, I would like to know how this happened. Is this the result of over-pitching?

That seems too low for a FG… And not that I use brix, yet as I brew with a guy that does, our translation is brix multiplied by 4 equals Specific gravity… So looking at your reading, even if the decimal point is in the wrong place you last read could be 1.0024… That could be more plausible, yet still a bit low… Could be a sour? then as I understand, will finish lower… Sneezles61

If your readings are correct you have 102% apparent attenuation. That’s not likely from that yeast. If your readings are correct there’s likely wild yeast dropping it that low.

That yeast is good for about 75% which means even if it finished at 1.010 it would have reached 84%.

Anyway your readings could be off? Was this AG?

I should have said that I use a refractometer. So the measurement at 2 weeks was 6.4 Brix - which is 1.025 on the refractometer. But that is with alcohol in the picture so I plugged those numbers into a refractometer calculator and it gave me the “actual” FG - which was 1.002. I tasted the sample at 3 weeks and it was alright. Definitely didn’t taste bad.

No, it was extract. I will test my refractometer for accuracy.

Seems like a refractometer is more trouble than it’s worth for a FG reading. I don’t have one so I say this just from reading posts here.

Think I would be double checking the FG with an old fashion hydrometer.

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Consider poking around reddit and stackexchange homebrewing forums. When I first started using a refractometer, I found a number of good posts (and good posters) in those forums.

Thank you everyone.

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