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Utility pump question

I have a utility pump I’m planning to use to wash/sanitize bottles. Is it OK to use for both as long as it’s cleaned with some water in between? I use Oxy/tsp to clean and Star San for sanitizer…thanks

Think so. If you sanatise. No problem

I bought a utility pump for a DIY carboy washer maybe 2 years ago. I noticed that no matter what after the pump ran the water had oily spots on top. I ran it a bunch of times with hot pbw and then would rinse but nothing changed. I’m guessing it was the internal oil used for the pump. Not something I really wanted to see. It was a submersible utility pump from Lowes. Just something to think about or maybe check for with yours.

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Tankie, Star San isn’t intended for use with a pump. It will foam like crazy. The company that makes Star San also makes a product called SaniClean that won’t foam and so is much better for use with a pump.

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