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Using Up Leftover Yeast To Make Bread

Does anybody have any recipes or know where I can find recipes to make bread using my leftover yeast? All the beers that I have brewed up to this point only call for a half packet of yeast, so I have some unused yeast lying around that I know that I am not going to use to make beer, so I thought why not try making bread with it. Also, how is using yeast that is meant to make beer going to affect the taste of the bread? Any help is always appreciated.

I haven’t used it directly, but I do make “sourdough” using beer yeast in a starter.

Mix a quarter cup AP flour and a quarter cup wheat flour with water (enough to get a wet dough… think sticky batter consistency). Add yeast and let it go for a couple of days. Then, keep this starter going by discarding most of the batter, and replenishing with the same amount of water/flour mixture. After a few generations, it’s yeasty, funky, and makes a fantastic sourdough loaf. Purists aren’t into this, as they want just wild yeast/bacteria, but it’s much more reliable to kick start with yeast.

I made a loaf of “No Knead” bread using 2 tablespoons of yeast straight from the bottom of my fermenter when I was racking into the secondary. The dregs were a 20 IBU Brett fermented beer. I used the following. Super easy technique…

this picture is after 3 hours

The Brett yeast gives a slightly sour after finish which is fine for one loaf but I don’t think it’s as good as a regular sour dough.

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Try using some active krausen

That’s a great idea.

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