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Using spring water?

Hello I am a all-brewer an I have a ? about using spring water . My 1 ? is is there a brand that best to use . 2 ? is there any thing I need to add as in brewing salts … The reason I wanteding to use bottle spring water is I dont like that way my well water taste … An also I want to keep this as easy as possible meaing with the water I use …

Water profiles will vary greatly from one source to another. Many of the companies will list the water quality report for their water online and that will give you an idea of what you are dealing with.
Have you had your well water tested?
What would you describe as the off flavors?
Have you looked into filtration systems?

I use RO from Walmart and add calcium chloride, calcium sulfate (gypsum) and sometimes some calcium carbonate (chalk). Might also drop in a little lactic acid to acheive target pH along with target flavor ions.

Or add some spring water to the RO. I use bottled water (Wisconsin Springs) that is delivered, because we use it at the house (my well water is way hard, even when softened), but when I am short I run to the the local grocery and buy a 5 gallon RO (using the empty spring water containers) for 49 cents a gallon, blending it with spring water. I have some CaCl handy, but I fear using too much…

Water as an ingredient is overlooked by a lot of brewers, but the good ones here really pay attention to this detail and are rewarded with better beers because of it.

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