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Using regular sugar to carbonate


today I wanted to bottle my latest brew only to find out I have no more priming sugar.
Now I am wondering, is it possible to use “regular” white sugar as priming sugar?

Thanks for the help. If I have to order, I have to delay bottling :wink:

Absolutely fine. The ROT is to use 5% less.

I use even less. I use 15-20% less. YMMV

Thanks Denny & Dave!

Is there any reason to use priming sugar? Otherwise I’ll switch to regular sugar from now on - easier to keep in stock! If you run out, the local grocery store is the solution.


Nope, no reason not to use table sugar.

It’s all the same…I mean, not scientifically. One is dextrose, one is sucrose…but both are sugar and both will carb up just fine.

No reason to use priming sugar over table sugar.

I switched to table sugar a while ago. It’s always on hand.

I use a “heaping half cup” compared to the 3/4 cup used with the stock priming sugar.

You’re technically supposed to measure based on weight instead if volume, but the difference is basically negligible.

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