Using oxiclean

how long do you need to rinse oxiclean before it is safe to brew.

I washed a bucket with oxiclean and rinsed it out about five times before putting my brew into the bucket. my worry is that there was a smooth film on the sides on the bucket and the water was slick to the touch on the last rinse.

how long do you need of rinse when using oxiclean and is there a feel on the surface or in the water that will let you know it is rinsed properly?

Five times seems like enough, but if there is a slick feeling, keep rinsing.
How long you need to rinse depends on how strong of a solution you mix up.
I go by instinct (I’ve been brewing a long time) but I’m guessing I rinse my buckets for at least a full minute with a sprayer, making sure I get all surfaces, when I use oxi.

+1 to what Wahoo said, if for some reason there is a film on anything, a cure-all is a quick rinse with Star-San before use. I believe that should be mandatory for all equipment post boil until packaging, IME. That cinches the deal if you are concerned about rinsing. No worries mate!

Using HOT water to rinse helps immensely with this. Heads up tho, Oxy is not a sanitizer…

Using too much oxy or leaving it too long will leave a heavy powdery film on container.

YOu don’t wanna rinse then put your beer/wort in it. It is a cleaner not a sanitizer. Do what the previous guy said and final-rinse with a sanitizer solution.

OXY CLEEN is for degreasing garage floors, TSP on most items, BKF on stainless, sanitize just before brewing / bottling/kegging