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Using Mango/Papaya in beer

Mangos and Papaya grow on my property and I would like to use them in a beer. I was thinking a light colored pale ale featuring Belma hops (which I haven’t previously used). Any thought or recommendations? Mahalo.

Use 2 to 3 lbs per gallon in the secondary or near end of primary. And if you want to taste the fruit, lose the idea for a pale ale. Fruit will taste better in a low hopped Blonde ale or wheat ale.

I would agree with the pale ale. I have used Belma for a SMASH and can say it certainly has a tropical/melon characteristic.

I would do an American wheat with a mild bittering charge and a mild aroma charge to not over power the fruit. And, like Dave pointed out, put the mango and papaya in the secondary.

I too have thought about using these ingredients since I visited Hawaii, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

I have used mango before and I found that using 1 lb per gallon gave me a pretty good flavor. I would suggest 2 lbs max per gallon or it is going to overpower your beer. As for Papaya I find the flavor is much more subtle than mango so maybe 3 lbs per gallon may be alright.

maybe a combo would be 1 lb mango and 1.5-2 lb papaya per gallon?

Thanks for the suggestions…by pale ale I really meant light colored ale. Blonde ale is the way I will go.

I see about the pale ale part. I agree that Belma would be a great addition. Man, I either got to get on this recipe or get back to HI… or both… :wink:

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