Using Kona Brewing Co Bottles for Homebrew

Might sound like a dumb question, but just wondering if anyone has used the Kona Brewing Co bottles before for bottling. They are regular pry-off tops, but I was curious if the bottle shape/design would cause any issues with recapping. Thanks!

As long as the lip where the cap goes is the same the shape of the bottle shouldn’t make any difference.

That is what I figured, but thought it was worth asking. Thanks @rookie_l_a

Post a picture of the bottle?

I tried a cap on a bottle of Koko Brown. Crimps well with the Super Agata bench capper. Lip on the bottle looks fairly standard.

I have used both a red and blue capper on them with no issues.

I just bottled with some kona bottles. Worked just fine. Although I like Sam Adams the best as far as stability when capping.

Used Kona bottles for years with no problems!

Awesome, thanks for the advice guys!

I’d say get yourself a bench capper. Then it matters little what shape the bottle is or even if the lip the wing capper grabs onto is big enough. Plus it’s a lot easier to operate. When I bottle now, I set the bottling bucket on the counter of the island in the kitchen, set my big foam pad on the floor, cases of bottles on my left, sanitizer sprayer thing on my right and the capper right next to it on the floor. I just sit there and crank through them.