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Using harvested yeast for bottling

I posted last night that I was going bottle a RIS that had aged a year and needed help with which dry yeast to use. I have decided against any of the dry yeasts I have as they may be out of date.

I do have a quart of harvest 1762 (harvested 11-8-2013) which is suppose to tolerate 12% abv. My stout is just under 12%.
If I use harvested yeast, any idea how much I should use for 5 gallons? Would I want to stir more than normal to make sure it gets mixed in well enough?

I would just get a fresh pack of us-05 and use about half a pack in the bottling bucket.

My issue is time. No local brew shops and no time to bottle over the next couple weeks

If you’ve already aged your RIS a year, what difference will a couple more weeks make? Don’t rush this one and spoil it now. I brewed a RIS a couple years ago and bulk aged it for close to a year. On bottling day, I was working alone and kind of had one of those days. My racking hose was all curled up, and I had things kind of rigged up. Long story short, the output was spraying above the beer level and I ended up oxidizing my precious RIS. Really disappointing, because it was so smooth and fantastic at bottling time, and all oxidized after bottling. Bummer.

So it might be worth waiting until you’re really ready to go.

A buddy has a pack of US04. Will this be able to handle the 12%

I used 04 in a barley wine that wast 11.2%, not sure if that helps you or not but I bet it would work.

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