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Using chest freezer as a fermentation chamber

Hello I use a small chest freezer when I say small just enough for a 5gal batch of beer. My question is does one want to put a small fan inside to circulate the cold air. I never used a fan in my freezer for the beers that I ferment in this freezer. But if one does add a small fan how does one install one in there freezer?

When I used a ferm chamber I never used a fan to circulate the air. Secure the temp probe to the side of the fermenter and insulate it with foam. This will monitor the actual ferm temps better and your freezer will hit the temps necessary to maintain those ferm temps.

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Agreed, fan is unnecessary. And right on about putting the probe on the side of the fermenter

I agree with loopie and Denny. I have the same set up and mine also doubles as a bottle carb set up…I put a small space heaterr in for that because this is in my basement and its quite cool

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