Using Bud Light to test dry hops

Stumbled across this today: dryhopping Bud Light to test the aromatics of various hops. I’ve listened to about half that podcast and haven’t heard the Anchor guys talking about this yet. Finally a use for flavorless beer! ... light.html

I could see this being possible with the exception of purchasing the Bud Light.

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I think that sounds interesting, but I’d much rather brew up a pretty standard pale or blonde ale, bottle it, and dose that. At least then you’d be drinking decent beer, and not having to pay money for Bud Light, which is straight up preposterous.


I feel like you’d just end up with hop water, ie founders all day ipa

My LHBS (maltose express) has done this a few times with customers, only they use Miller High Life. It’s interesting. My biggest takeaway was that East Kent Goldings and US Goldings are NOTHING alike!