Using Bourbon Soaked Oak in Mutt's Nuts Brown Porter

This my first time to brew Mutt’s Nuts and I was thinking about adding 2oz of oak cubes soaked in bourbon to the secondary. Has anyone tried this? I don’t want to ruin an entire batch but I have yet to meet a commercial barrel bourbon brew I didn’t like!

2 oz of oak cubes in a porter would be way too much oak for me. I’ve done a bourbon barrel porter a couple of times-used the suggested 1 oz the first time, went to 1/2 oz for the second. Was much happier with the second. But it’s all about individual taste, so what may seem “in your face” to me might seem just right to you. Oak in a porter works well, though. I’m sure you’ll get plenty more feedback to help you decide. I’m assuming we’re talking 5 gallon batch. Best of luck.



I use 1 oz in 5 gallons but I put them in the keg and leave them.

And alot of times I like beer to taste like beer… Sneezles61

Thanks everyone!