Using beer Smith to scale to BIAB

Anyone convert a 5 gallon all grain recipe into beersmith to a 3 gallon BIAB?


It should be no different than scaling it to a 10g, 2.5g, or 25g brew. Just need to adjust for you efficiency.

how do I know original efficiency? After plugging in the 5 gal all grain recipe in to beersmith? Then when I hit the convert to 3 gal BIAB make sure the efficiency is the same. Sorry for the newb questions, but new at beersmith and BIAB.

Thus far I’ve been too much of a slacker to bother with calculating my efficiency, but from what I’ve seen online most folks are getting 75-85%.

Incidentally, I’m in the middle of my first converted recipe. In keeping with my slacker ways, I did it by just multiplying the ingredient bill by 3/5 and rounding up to the nearest half pound. I’m still too lazy to figure out my efficiency, but I’ll report back once I have an OG, and we can see if it’s anything close to the target I’m supposed to be shooting for.

I don’t have Beer Smith, so I can only give some general ideas.

If you don’t know the recipes efficiency, you just have to play with the recipe. Enter the ingredients and batch size. Then adjust the efficiency to the recipe says the OG should be.

Then make adjustments to the recipe so it meets your efficiency, say 70%. Then scale it down to the 3 gallon mark.

This will work if you are doing a BIAB or mashing in a cooler/keg. Every system could have a different efficiency. And some might be making 6 gallon or 10 gallon batches.

If you don’t know what your efficiency is yet, you will just have to guess. I am under the impression that BIAB brew are getting lower efficiencies? 65-70%?

To find your efficiency, take a SG reading after cooling the wort. Adjust BeerSmith’s volume and then the efficiency % to match the SG you have.