Using Aluminum stock pot for brewing?

Hello I have a ? about using aluminum brew pot for brewing. I was talking to the guy in my local homebrew shop an He said it was not a good idea to use aluminum because of the aluminum oxide can come off an giving the beer a Metallic taste. Now I was under the impression that you want too boil water in it first to build up the aluminum oxide so it would not give your beer the metallic taste .

You are absolutely correct and he is full of bullsquat.
Many, many of us use aluminum pots without any issue . And while I don’t have the references at my fingertip, there has been a ton of research done on the safety of boiling in aluminum, and thousands of threads confirming it.

My wife was a restaurant owner before she retired. Our son is a Chef. I’m a third generation dishwasher. (That’s the polite term for the Boss’s husband.) I’ve seen many aluminum pots in my days in commercial kitchens. Look in any restaurant kitchen, and you will see aluminum stock pots. And yes, we always seasoned them by boiling water in them.
I use aluminum.


Guy just wants to sell you a shiny new pot.

I use a 15 gal commercial aluminum stock pot for my brewing and its perfect. When I was brewing by direct fire, the aluminum helped speed the heat transfer to the wort. I’ve lost that advantage since moving to all electric. But I still use that converted aluminum pot now with a 5500w element.

Sure, my aluminum pot won’t last a 100 years like a stainless pot will, but it will more than outlast me. The only negative for Al pots is that you shouldn’t use very aggressive cleaning chemicals nor scrub the bejeasus out of them since Al is a softer metal. Otherwise, Al is the perfect material for homebrewing.

Surprised the comment hasn’t come up yet here. I saw this earlier and couldn’t post at the time.
I’ve understood and have read over the years that the aluminum and brewing contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. It’s the metals and acids thing. Forget the after taste… I’d study up on that and if you feel comfortable go ahead. I have a touch of the decease running in my family so why push it.

This, if the link works, is from the Alzheimer’s Association.



that aluminum myth has been going on for years. It used to be from drinking beer in a can. All the craft breweries ar putting their beer in aluminum cans. Alzheimer’s is a complicated disease it would be great if it could be explained that simply. Although there have been tests that drinking coffee decreases our chances of getting Alzheimer’s