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Useing a light weight turky fryer

I am a carpenter by trade now retired .I though I’d pass on a easy way to keep from scorching the bottom of a light weight 7 gallon turkey fryer when your boiling wort. I use a old 12" saw blade on top of my burner to even out the heat .I do a full 5 gallon boil. I do shut down burner long enough to stir in LME restart burner and have no problems. Works like a charm!!

Ingenuity at work. Nice idea!! :cheers:

Great idea! I’m going to have to try something similar with my setup. Thanks!

Cool idea - Going to try my next boil on my gas burner - will keep this in mind - Thanks

A great repurpose for a worn blade! Makes sense to diffuse the heat. You have to love using something headed to the landfill for a practical use.

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