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Used corny keg cleaning

Hello, I bought two used corny kegs today and they are in great shape… However, they have set for a while unused and one of them has a bit of an odor and some residue inside. The other one has no odor whatsoever… what would you guys suggest to really clean the one that needs some attention. It almost smells like cider in the one… Thanks in advance!

try soaking with PBW and then sanitize with star san.

Thanks for the advice!

I would use Five Star SaniClean to sanitize it vs. StarSan. It assists in removing odors as well as flavors. Good to have both on hand, especially if you need something low foaming.

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Sounds good, I appreciate the info. Can you use the saniclean on glass carboys as well? I just picked up a few of those used too and they need cleaned up as well lol. Thanks again.

Absolutely! You can use it to sanitize all your items.

:+1: thanks again

Sanitizers are hard to come by these days.

Really? Here’s the hosts link to SaniClean.

I bought 4 kegs from a guy who used them for kombucha at a wedding and left them sitting from months. Man they were sticky and stinky. Nothing PBW and star san couldn’t handle.

That’s good to know, I washed it out tonight with hot water and Dawn, just as a preliminary wash until I get some star San and saniclean. I’m looking forward to putting it to use

Good deal. Make sure you rinse well if you used dawn.

They are on backorder at the moment

New O rings might be a good investment. That said I got a few freebie kegs a while ago and soaked the big lid o ring in cheap commercial beer for a while to get them smelling more like what you want it to. The little O rings for the posts are really cheap and they do wear out.

Root beer smell can’t be removed from them from my experience.

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