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Use Yeast Cake After Gelatin?

I was planning on using the yeast cake from my brett saison/APA for a variety of other beers. Its been cold crashing since Thursday at 32*, but not floccing completely.

Is using gelatin a bad idea if I want to use the cake? I’m thinking yes, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience/insight. I may just have a slightly cloudy APA.

Gelatin is a positively charged it pulls yeast out of suspension. I don’t think it would do well using your yeast cake for another batch being that it has bonded its self to your yeast and turb.

all the reinforcement I needed. Cloudy APA it is.


I think a yeast cake with a little gelatin in it will still work just fine if you need to repitch with it. I see no issues. Yes I’m serious.

If your in a hurry to use the yeast cake you could do a secondary and cold crash it.

Don’t worry. I’ve reused yeast after cold crashing and gelatin, many times without problems.

Kegged it. No gel. 64 oz of Brett. Mission accomplished.

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