Made a cream ale with an og of 1.051, pitched at 63 degrees and maintained that temp. Wort temp not ambient. Had a fairly active fermentation at 12 hours and lasted 3 days. I sprinkled the dry packet on top after I used a mix stir on the 5.5 gallon batch. It’s now 15 days later and I went to take a reading andthere is still a thin layer of krausen. The reading is 1.010. Is that normal for the krausen to not all fall out after that long? Beside that it looks great and taste great.

I’ve had US-05 take a really long time to drop before. Do you have the ability to cold crash? If you do, that will drop it right down. If not, you can gently rock the carboy (try not to splash at all) and it will slowly fall. Do this a couple times a day and you should see if fall in a few days

Maybe it’s not done fermenting yet. Probably only needs a couple more days. Rock it like matt says and the yeast might just fall right back in, in a matter of hours or a day.

US-05 has been a pretty poky beer for me. I usually give the fermentation another week or two before checking.

I use US-05 all the time. Once in a while I have that happen and the beer is done fermenting. I use a secondary afterwards because it is part of my pipeline. The beer is always fine, with or without a long lasting krausen.

I notice that us05 at that low temp take about 3 weeks for me. A few degrees warmer around 66 will go faster