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Uploaded photos not displaying instead a ? to click on

Recently every new photo uploaded by users is showing up as a blank picture or maybe with a “?” to indicated there is something there. It’s happening all all the devices I use to engage NB Forum content.
If I click on the blank space or the ? the uploaded content pops up in an enlargement style window but otherwise it’s not available as older posted photos are.

Yep. What he said…noticed it this past weekend, after others had complained about it earlier. Tried to post pics of my brewday but gave up after hitting this new problem.

agree its very annoying

Causing me to drink more… frustration…
Clowning there,… yes, I concur…


Yep, doesn’t matter of you’re using iOS or android.

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Did try last week same issue.

i cant even upload a pictue anymore. this sucks

Sorry to hear that others are having trouble in the forum. If anyone can give me some more details about this issue, I will try to get it resolved as quickly as possible. I am posting an uploaded picture in this post from my windows laptop.

I see the issue from my post above and will work on a resolution.
Thanks, Todd J

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one more test - initial thoughts are that this could be related to image size… TJ

New .jpg image:

thats the error I get. Image tp large. That has never happened when uploading a picture I capture in the post

I’ve been posting medium content picts… Nothing good…
EDIT: Do you suppose this is all linked to the roll out of 5G ?


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